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What is a Fissure?


Anal fissure is usually a single split in the skin around the anus.


What are the Symptoms of a Fissure?


Typical symptoms are tearing or cutting pain during or after a bowel movement, which may be associated with itching and irritation, or blood in your stool.


What Causes a Fissure?


An anal fissure is usually cause by the passage of hard stool, resulting in injury and a small tear in anus.


What are the different Types of Fissure?


There are two types of anal fissure:

  1. Acute Fissure is present less than 3 consecutive months

  2. Chronic Fissure is present for more than 3 months, and less likely to heal without surgery


How is a Fissure Treated?


Many fissures can heal on their own without any treatment.

If a fissure persists, resulting in ongoing pain or bleeding, a trial of a special ointment which relaxes the anal sphincter muscle and reduces spasm, may be successful.

Once a fissure is chronic or fails to heal with the special ointment, minor surgery may be considered at the clinic under sedation. The procedure usually cures the fissure.

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