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Gastroscopy Preparation Instructions

Please follow these instructions on the timing for eating and drinking to prepare for your procedure.  Your stomach must be empty to allow doctor a better view of your stomach during your procedure


One week before your procedure:

  • STOP all anti-acids medications (ie PPis) for at least 1week before your appointment (unless appointment is urgent).  


The Day Before Your Procedure:

  • Eat dinner before 6 PM.   NO SOLID FOODS starting at 6 PM the evening before your procedure (your stomach must be empty for your procedure).  If your appointment is next morning before 11am, you may drink CLEAR FLUIDS (such  as water, apple juice or tea without milk or cream)  until MIDNIGHT.   If your appointment is next day after 11 am,  you may drink CLEAR FLUIDS and stop 3 hours prior to your appointment.   


The Day of your Procedure :


  • You may take small sips of fluids to quench your thirst until 3 hours prior to your appointment.


  • DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING 3 hours prior to your appointment.


•     You must not take any medications the morning of the procedure,  EXCEPT blood pressure  meds with small sips of water, unless specifically indicated  to you by the anesthesiologist.


•   Bring a list of your current medications (or actual pill bottles) for your appointment.


•       Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. You will be sedated for this procedure, and will NOT be allowed to drive for 24 hours after your procedure.  You must arrange for someone to pick you up after your procedure.



  • Please bring your OHIP  health card with you to the appointment.  This procedure is covered for patients with valid OHIP health card.


MISSED appointment:


•   A fee of $150 will be charged for no show or late cancellation of less than 5 business days or 1 week.

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